Will you help me look for a job?
No. Our advertisers pay us to help them find the best talent for their jobs. Looking for a job is YOUR job! Via the self nomination process, you have complete control over which jobs you are presented for. You can also set up an email alert which will notify you when a new job is posted that matches your parameters.
Are there any fees to the jobseeker?
Are there any posted jobs that aren't currently open?
NO. All jobs posted have been confirmed active within the most recent 60 days.
What happens when I nominate myself for a job?
Your complete registration profile, including your resume, is instantly and automatically sent directly to the recruiter who is working on the assignment, along with a copy of the job you selected. If the recruiter feels there is a possible match for this job, or another she/he might be working on, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
Do I have any control over who sees my resume?

Yes. When you register, your registration information is not visible to anyone outside of Job Juncture.

The only time a recruiter outside of Job Juncture can receive your resume is when you nominate yourself for a job. Then, your information is only sent directly to the one recruiter who is working on that assignment.