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Newark, NJ
February 21st 2023
Minimum Degree:
Bachelor of Science
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"    Prepares and submits local, State and Federal Environmental reports and permit renewals (e.g., SARA, EPCRA, RMP, RCRA, CBS, PBS, and Air Emission Reports.)
"    Ensure site environmental programs are implemented in compliance with Federal, State and local regulatory requirements and  corporate policies.
"    Serves as primary negotiator for Environmental Regulatory Permit implementation and/or amendments.
"    Supports and promotes the reporting of all incidents and reviews plant incident reports for environmental consequences; supports and/or conducts investigation.
"    Provides plant projects with environmental review and guidance (e.g., Management of Change, Capital Appropriation Requests, etc.)
"    Establishes and maintains a productive working relationship with regulatory agencies.
"    Supports the site EHS policy and serves as a site resource for the reporting of EHS&S Performance Indicators.
"    Serves as Environmental Coordinator for the facility.
"    Develops, implements, and maintains the Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management program.
"    Performs RCRA training and other regulatory training as needed.
"    Oversees the Groundwater Remediation program, including maintenance and upkeep.
"    Perform other duties as assigned.

"    Prepare various State and Federal Environmental reports:   SARA 311, SARA 312 for McKee Road, SARA 312 for Lyell Ave, SARA 313, EPCRA, Hazardous Waste Generators Report, Annual Status Report, Biennial Update, RMP, CBS, PBS, CWC, and Air Emission Reports.)
"    Provide daily groundwater flow readings to groundwater remediation consultant on a routine basis.
"    Provide groundwater issues and repairs made to groundwater remediation consultants for inclusion in the quarterly progress reports and semiannual reports submitted to NYSDEC.
"    Submit maintenance notifications for required repairs to groundwater system and/or replacement parts if contractor performs the repairs.
"    Complete form TP550, obtain payment, and submit to NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance once per quarter 
"    Prepare the semiannual Periodic Report on Compliance for the Responsible Official's "wet ink" signature and submit to MCDES.
"    Obtain monthly Cyanide bearing flow data for the semiannual Periodic Report.
"    Obtain semiannual API flow data for the Periodic Report.
"    Obtain on-site waste treatment data for the quarterly tax report and the annual waste reports.
"    Obtain payment and current Certificate of Insurance and prepare and submit the Industrial User's Permit.
"    Obtain manual check and submit annual hazardous waste fee
"    Annual air permit fee submittal.
"    Obtain two manual checks and submit payment for annual surcharge fee and groundwater operation and maintenance fee to Monroe County.
"    Monthly water credit readings tracked and submitted to MCDES every 6 months at a minimum.
"    Coordinate semiannual wastewater compliance sampling with external lab
"    Escort MCDES personnel annually for week-long sampling event.
"    Participate in the MCDES annual inspection. This includes gathering all information for the annual inspection form.
"    Review and file the weekly Hazardous Waste Inspection form.
"    Review and file monthly SPCC/PBS Inspection forms
"    Provide employees assistance with labeling and marking requirements for non-routine wastes generated.
"    Coordinate semiannual groundwater sampling event with external contractor and external laboratory.
"    Submittal of two annual canal permit renewal fees.
"    Coordinate monthly wastewater compliance sampling with external laboratory.  
"    Prepare monthly Sampling Monitoring Reports (SMR) for "wet ink" signature to the Responsible Official.
"    Submit modifications to the Responsible Official form to MCDES, if applicable.
"    Sign hazardous waste manifests and LDRS
"    Sign manifests and/or bill of ladings for nonRCRA hazardous waste shipments.
"    Review and sign waste profiles, waste profile recerts, and waste profile amendments
"    Provide total cost estimates (disposal, trans, surcharge, fees, etc.) to internal customers for waste disposal charges.
"    Maintain DOT certification (expires every 3 years) to sign waste manifests.
"    Attend annual RCRA training
"    Generate and update the RCRA Quick Reference Guide, which must be at the front of the "ONE" Plan and available for emergency response personnel.
"    Schedule scrap metal dumpster swap outs with Metalico and Weitsman
"    Support demolition activities and provide guidance to Engineering and/or Production on required disposition efforts (scrap, disposal, trash, etc.)
"    Review and sign off on groundbreaking permits.
"    As a backup, review and sign off as EHS representative on safe work permits with confined space, hot work, and/or lockout tagout 
"    Schedule O/T dumpster swap outs with WM account rep.
"    Support annual plant shutdown
"    Review and submit semiannual groundwater sampling reports to NYSDEC.
"    Complete all site and Corporate mandated training 
"    Provide contractor orientation training as a backup.
"    Annual review and update of the site's SPR.
"    Submit quarterly sustainability information via Envizi per Corporate requirements.
"    Submit Intelex reports for Environmental incidents per Corporate requirements.
"    Submit ground disturbance notifications to NYDEC for approval to commence activity.
"    Coordinate excavated spoil sampling and off-site disposal.
"    Provide guidance and support for soil boring collection and analysis
"    Coordinate special sample requests with QC lab for split compliance wastewater samples.
"    Submit Pre-Work Notification for Bulk Storage (PBS or CBS) Tank Installation or Closure form to NYSDEC, as necessary
"    Review and file returned signed waste manifests within regulatory timeframes. If not received, request signed copy from waste broker.
"    Draft written regulatory response correspondence for local, state, and/or federal within required timeframes.
"    Track and file all groundwater related invoices for any groundwater litigation requirements.
"    Negotiates with appropriate agencies to obtain necessary wastewater/air emission permits.
"    Serves as the backup Environmental Coordinator for the facility.
"    Develop, implement and maintain the site's Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management program.
"    Schedule and provide RCRA training to plant personnel and other regulatory training as needed.
"    Supports the site's Groundwater Remediation program 
Looking for 5-10 years hardcore Environmental experience.  MUST has a BS in any Science. 


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