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Jacksonville, Florida
February 17th 2023
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Job description:

About:Client is owned by a good friend from Indian Princess Tribe. President will do the interviewing.

They receive new customers every day and have relationships. Candidates will be part relationship manager part hunter. Growth opportunities as client has grown 15-20% consistently for the last 3 years. currently rebuilding and updating their website as it has not been a priority since 95+% of their business is relationships/word-of-mouth

Phenomenal back office operations and support.

Can take someone from the major manufacturers. A national or regional sales manager from AWB would be a good example. also a mid-level manager or engineer. someone who reps other types of products in plumbing, electrical or other trades or construction.

Experienced person $65-80K

Green candidate: $35-45K

expected total comp for experienced $100K+ in year 1

inexperienced = $100K plus by end of year 2

client has exclusive rep agreements with major manufacturers for the entire state. will be hiring 6 more sales reps in the next 2 years.

$15MM revenue is in tri-county area only hence expansion to Fort Myers, Treasure coast, Jacksonville, Tampa in the next 24 months.

competitors would be Stan Weaver or Tom Barrow - ask about non-competes please

client represents Cook, Acme, Twin Cities but we can still take someone from there as long as we ask our client first.

Significant ramp up period for training and time to build and cultivaterelationships.

37 Years in Business

Revenue: $15mm

Will take either an experienced person or a green person

$55k - $65k ("Would have to be a rockstar or $65")

Will pay more for highly qualified candidate


Great Attitude

Sales Experience

No fear when prospecting and working with current clients to build relationships and ask for the sale.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

I know this client personally and professionally. They take great care of their people and have a positive environment.


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