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Springfield, MO
October 26th 2019
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The credit Manager is responsible for protecting and collecting the assets. Runs the credit department in a manner which adheres to accepted credit policies and yet is still conductive to the sales effort. Analyzes credit applications and decides whether to extend credit to customers after weighing the facts. Maintains and builds positive relationships with the customer and other business partners to promote continued loyalty to company. There are also many important clerical details related to this position. May or may not have Credit Assistant to complete the clerical aspect of the job responsibilities.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Accepts and analyzes credit applications for new accounts and decides creditworthiness. Discusses reasons for denial of credit with Branch Manager.

Sets appropriate limits on accounts. Secures a credit report from credit agency and verifies current contractor licensing information with the Contractors Licensing Board. Approves or denies credit to the customer in a timely manner,


  1. Receives and processes job information sheets, verifying the accuracy of all legal information to ensure that the companys legal rights are protected. Reviews and signs preliminary notices and pre-liens. Ensures that job accounts are paid within proper time limits and liens are recorded appropriately.


  1. Reviews all account payments and aging of accounts. Checks accounts for adherence to credit limits and payment within credit terms. Processing may or may not be done by a clerical assistant.


  1. Completes timely collection of all accounts while remaining legally protected at all times. Handles past due accounts. Places appropriate collection phone call in a positive, professionally persuasive manner. Takes appropriate action to collect on return checks. Authorizes late discounts or service charge adjustments if applicable. Checks the affect on any release, lien rights, or pre-lien needs.


  1. Represents company in small claims court actions. Prepares initial paperwork, copies all documents for attorney and takes the appropriate follow up actions. Files bonded stop notice when danger of non-payment exists.


  1. Tracks Notices of Completion. Contacts customer when necessary for final payment opportunity prior to expiration of lien rights. Closes account when lien rights have expired. Advises Contractor Sales Department of job completions and account closing.


  1. Tracks customer vouchers. Checks wording on voucher and voucher check to ensure that it is proper, and rights are not given up. Processing may or may not be done by a clerical assistant.


  1. Answers credit calls, including inquires about current balance and account discrepancies.


  1. Performs other duties as assigned.


May be Required to:

Attend and participate in store and / or general offices meetings

Prepare for A/R reviews and work with Branch Manager for year-end write offs.

Work with bookkeeper on the end of year purging of files/accounts.

Perform all clerical duties of the position on the absence of a clerical assistant.




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