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Atlanta, Georgia
May 4th 2019
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Primary Responsibilities - Data Analytics & Model Audit (Program Manager or Director)

  1. Supervises the design of value-added data analysis in order to discover the suitable use of data to bring value to all ongoing audit assignments.
  2. Supervises the development and construction of the Data Analytics/Model Audit platform within Audit.
  3. Provides leadership on data analytical training events and develops goals to further the capability of the Internal Audit team.
  4. Interpret model validation test outcomes and establish mandatory action strategies with model owners and developers to remediate discoveries.
  5. Construct robust working relationships with vital model participants, including model developers, users, validation teams and senior management.
  6. Tracking the resolution of conclusions with model owners and users.
  7. Expands the audit coverage model by employing quantitative methods to identify anomalies for testing or additional analysis.
  8. Reviews and approves work to safeguard that it meets or exceeds IIA expectations.
  9. Achieves data discovery and analytics using Computer Assisted Auditing Tools (CAAT), Spotfire, ACL, Excel, or other data analytics tools (i.e. Osmose), as part of exact audit assignments led simultaneously by the internal audit teams; counsel heads of assignment and supervisors with behaviors to obtain and use data.
  10. Proactively classifies vital data sources and attains access, feeds, and files necessary to complete data analytics.
  11. Contributes to the expansion of data analytical testing methods (procedures, guidelines, templates, etc.) to encourage proficiency and enlarge the use of data analysis within internal audit.
  12. Plans agenda for the retail branch network to minimize audit’s on-site reviews as well as assists in vital areas of focus such as capital stress testing, compliance, AML, or others.
  13. Plans a model and user developed tool audit agenda that guarantees regulatory and risk management goals are met.
  14. Review of outputs and performance, model data, theory, assumptions, implementation are constant with regulatory guidance and bank policies.

Data Analytics & Model Audit (Program Manager or Director)

 You be will be answerable for constructing a program, which independently evaluates the model validation agenda employed by the bank.  This program will be answerable for insuring effective model governance anywhere models are installed that may influence the bank.

You will be answerable for the development and implementation of the Data Analytics and Model audit agenda for Internal Audit. Data Analytics will supervise as well as execute data analysis as part of numerous audit projects within Internal Audit, in order to enlarge the data analytics skills of the internal audit teams. 


Mandatory Skill & Abilities - Data Analytics & Model Audit (Program Manager or Director)


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