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Lenexa, KS
October 28th 2018
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OVERVIEW:  The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for implementing the quality program which goes well beyond the quality of the product we supply.  It encompasses the entirety of systems directly affecting customer service and company profitability.   The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the overall effectiveness of the program and for making recommendations for changes which will improve the program and overall performance of the company.

Detail Oriented:  The Quality Assurance Manager must have the ability to analyze and report on the results.
Communication:  Have both good verbal and written communication skills.  It is critical that you be able to communicate the philosophy and vision of the company to employees, vendors, and customers.
Organization:  Exhibit excellent time management skills and be detail orientated.  
Be a student:  Never be satisfied.  Have the desire to continuously learn and develop new skills.  Always search for a better way.  You must want to improve and devote time outside of the normal workday to learning and self-improvement.
Have the Right Personality:  Have a passion an obsession, and a natural enthusiasm for your work.  Must be curious.  Develop the right process.  Have a proven set of routines that you can come back to again and again.  Have discipline, know what works and stick with it.
Be Brilliant at the Basics:  Practice and concentrate on the fundamentals until they become second nature.
Accountability:  Take responsibility for all aspects of quality performance.


1.   Train all personnel on safety procedures and standards
2.   Train all personnel on the quality program and procedures
3.   Analyze data and make suggestions for continuous improvement
4.   Handle current non-conformances quickly and efficiently
5.   Track non-conformances, initiating internal Corrective Action Reports when necessary
6.   Review incoming test reports
7.   Prepare test reports for outgoing shipments
8.   Maintain and distribute the quality assurance manual
9.   Conduct internal audits of Lenexa and branch operations
10. Conduct supplier audits when required
11.  Purchase gages and measuring equipment and maintain gage calibration record.
12.  Investigate rejections and customer returns and initiate Corrective Action Reports when necessary
13.  Send out parts for required testing
14.  Develop and maintain a vendor rating system
15.  Conduct random verification checks of incoming material and outgoing material
16.  Write and maintain procedures that cover every aspect of the operation
17.  Enter and control new part numbers being entered into the system

ISO 9001:  2015 Certification
1.   Champion the cause of ISO 9002:2015 certification
2.   Effectively implement our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards
3.   Plan and organize the implementation of conformance requirements
4.   Communicate progress to management
5.   Provide communications to the entire organization concerning the Quality Management System

1.   Lead the cause for process improvements
            a.  Ask for suggestions if nothing is offered up. 
            b.  Address concerns discovered during customer service surveys
            c.  Address concerns discovered during the corrective action process for customer return
            d.  Select a group of individuals that is best suited to solve the problem or implement an idea
            e.  Set a deadline for correcting the problem and or implementing a solution
            f.  Update and report progress at the weekly company meeting

1.   Document our current VMI programs.  Develop and maintain procedures to implement these systems
2.   Research and study new ideas to keep on the cutting edge of VMI technology and processes
3.   Train the sales department to help them understand how each system works
4.   Work with the individual salespeople to help determine the best system to put in place based on each customer's requirements

1.   Constant desire to succeed.  To always attempt to take all the steps possible to increase the chances of success no matter what the task.
2.   Build relationships
3.   Teamwork
4.   Reliable
5.   Dependable
6.   Be active in helping to solve problems and improve efficiencies
7.   Confidence.  It's often compelling
8.   Creative and a desire to have fun
9.   Eagerness to utilize the hardware and software at your disposal
10. An attitude of can do.  I will find a way!
11. Challenge yourself to find a better way!
12. Passion. Excitement. Drive
13. Try new tactics.  Share what works.  Get out of the comfort zone and stretch
14. Accountability
15. No hiding from each other..we have a responsibility to each other to try and to not be concerned about what our peers think if we trip up.  Great teams applaud the effort, pull each other up and raise the bar
16. Consistency
17. Sales people are very affected by their confidence of what's happening in the warehouse.  The more you see salespeople in the warehouse the more concerns they are having about their accounts.  Aim not to see them!
18. Be open to change, be a resource and always be a student
19. To not just have potential but to constantly ACT on that potential
20. Ask, Listen, Deliver...WOW


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